Dumonde PRO X Freehub grease


Dumonde PRO X Freehub grease

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Dumonde PRO X Freehub grease

PRO X freehub grease uses MRCC micro-resistant complex compounds. It is specially designed for all ratchet freewheels that require light grease. Oils are usually too thin and do not stay on the ratchets, which would cause premature system wear and failure.



– ratchet freewheels

– Shimano Nexus hubs with internal gears (replaces Nexus grease)

– wheel bearings used at negative temperatures


Benefits :

– reduces resistance and power consumption

– wide temperature range, down to -34°C

– can be shipped worldwide by air or ground transport thanks to the absence of VOC (volatile organic compound)


Follow the manufacturer’s specifications for the volume required in your freehub body to experience the superior performance of this grease.

MRCC micro-resistant complex compounds have been developed for more than 10 years by Dumonde Tech Design Group. MRCC technology provides superior lubrication by reducing friction better than other lubricants. Viscosity is lower while maintaining high protection. The increased adhesion creates greater film strength. Originally developed for motorsport lubricants, MRCC has been incorporated into the revolutionary PRO X range of cycle lubricants. Everyone who has tested or raced with PRO X reports that it performs significantly better than any other lubricant they have ever used.

Dumonde PRO X Freehub Grease is used and recommended by: DUKE, Erase, Industry Nine, Notubes, We Are One Composite, Boyd Cycling, Crank Brothers, Ritchey Design, Paul Components, Campagnolo, Hawk Racing, Hermes Sport.


More information on the website of Dumonde