Dynaplug Racer Pro – Tubeless Tire Repair Kit


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Dynaplug Racer Pro – Tubeless Tire Repair Kit

The evolution of the popular Racer, the┬áDynaplug Racer Pro – Tubeless Tire Repair Kit, doubles the capacity of the Racer to 4 inserts while retaining the quick deployment and compact shape for which the Racer is known.

Dynaplug is the fastest, easiest and best way to repair a tubeless tire while riding. When needed, simply remove the object that caused the puncture, push the insertion tube firmly into the hole, pull out the tool and place the repair plug in the tire – done!

The sealant-friendly repair plug is made of a unique viscoelastic impregnated rubber that bonds instantly and permanently to the tire, and the abrasion-resistant tip won’t scratch the rim or puncture the rim tape. No need to disassemble the tire, there are no messy glues or solvents, just plug it in and you’re ready to go!

Super compact and lightweight with only 107 mm in length and 26 grams in weight.

The Dynaplug Racer Pro – Tubeless tire repair tool with two ends has four preloaded insertion sleeves; three with a standard soaking nose plug for standard holes and one with an extra-large Megaplug for repairing larger tire damage. The end of the plug can be cut off if necessary. Ideally, cut it to a length of about 4 mm.

The Tubeless tire repair kit contains

  • the tool itself
  • 3 standard and 1 Megaplug insert tube made of stainless steel
  • 1 x Megaplug
  • 3 x standard plugs with soft nose

Made in the USA with patented technology and lifetime warranty for normal use.

If you need Dynaplug refill plugs, click here.

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